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Updated: Oct 15, 2021

She reached her favourite place in the world, just as her iPod shuffled onto a song she’d only recently discovered. A wall of white cliffs snaked in and out, forming a glorious sight where land meets the sea. She’d stood in this spot hundreds of times before, but today was different.

Slow piano chords played in the treble, to slowly fade out allowing the song’s rhythm to be introduced. The upbeat tempo caused her foot to tap along and her shoulder twitched with every second beat.

She surveyed her place like a proud lion, something she'd never done previously.

A warm male voice began to sing, with clapping of single beats echoing in the background.

Anticipating what was going to happen, she looked around to see if anyone was there – she was alone. The first phrase ended and drums kicked in, causing her body to move involuntarily. Her hips flicked to the left whilst her right shoulder lifted in the opposite direction, continuing to swayed to-and-fro as the voice came back. As the verse carried through, it switched from melody to rhythm.

The waves crashed below pushing sea spray up, tickling her nose. Her hands freely flew in the air like wings of a bird, whilst the ground beneath her twisted and warped under the soles of her shoes. When the chorus begun, she hummed along to the melody. The wind carrying her voice out to the horizon.

Her entire body was free from any tension, her mind empty of anxious thoughts.

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