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Give me a beach...

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

Give me a beach with depth and contrasting textures. A landscape that embodies a mystical energy. Where the sky is blanketed in opaque clouds that twist and turn to create artistic shapes, leaving impressions in one’s imagination. And an ice cold breeze brushes my cheek, freezing the first two layers of skin to leave a salty residue kiss. Where century old tall hexagonal basalt columns form a towering precipice and isolated from the land, standing guard on the horizon, are two charcoal giants frozen in time.

This is no ordinary land. It’s as though I’ve stepped into a monochrome picture. My feet gradually sink into the smooth black sand which is offset by the emotional grey sky. With each step I’m removed from reality to be embraced by the natural world. The only sound I hear besides the crescendo of the Arctic wind, is my steady heartbeat. It slowly increases in rhythm, my ears stand to attention, as a danger makes itself known. Creeping to the shore, like a creature on the hunt, thunderous waves billow from the midnight blue ocean to crash and advance towards me. Foaming white arms reach out, one after the other, as they try to grab and drag me under the swell. I stare at the demon with intensity, watching it fail and retreat into the Arctic ocean, lying low until its next abduction attempt. As severe and wild as it sounds, it is here that I feel vibrations from Earth’s inner core. I connect to, and find myself, one with the world.


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