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Updated: Apr 19, 2023

The surface moved further away from him, as the unknown depths lurked below his energy-drained body. Jack could feel his sweat combine with the white and midnight blue swirling waters. Experiencing a similar feeling to that of his clothes in the washing machine, he caught a quick glimpse of tiny air bubbles floating up to a hazy blue light. The glow of the sun teasing him to come hither.

Panic rose to his chest. A woman's loving smile, the wagging tail of his adorable Schnauzer and photographs of life moments flooded his mind whilst the rip pulled and twisted at his body. His soaked clothes warped, weighing him down.

Fuck, I’m down here, he wanted to scream, but was stopped by the tension from the air in his lungs, eager to be released. It left him like a balloon on the verge of being overfilled with helium, ready to pop. His head throbbed from the pressure caused by the water surrounding him, ready to suffocate. With what strength he could muster in his arms, Jack attempted to push against the churning water, but it only sent him further into the deep.

How long have I been under?

In this moment, the idea behind pinching one's self to see if it was real, was a load of bollocks to Jack. He didn’t have the time to pinch himself when panic and fear were his first responders.

He’d lost the surface completely. Time was running so fast now that his heart thumped in the darkness, the vibrations strong enough to create under-water ripples – SOS signals in the deep.



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