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Standing in the rain

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

I hear a melody amongst the rhythms of droplets, that fall to the ground and land on my face. The harmonies of a blackbird are carried in the wind. I fill my lungs with crisp air and allocate each drop a note. Small ones are given a treble pitch and large, heavy ones feel right at home in the bass.

My mind silences all the voices as my heart embraces the world. Slow to begin, a quiet, spacious melody plays as the tempo gradually changes. All my tense muscles unlock, and I’m left floating. More drops fall, increasing the tune to grow in intensity.

I love experiencing a city in the rain. It adds a magical touch to a place, as figures and shadows reflect on solid concrete, bringing a smile to my face. When it forms a puddle, allowing buildings to be seen from a unique perspective, I find my inner child observing before eagerly jumping into the shallow pool. At night, when the colours of lights bleed down into the ground, and we are left with beauty, I feel as though I’ve stepped into the painting.

Such images evoke contentment, joy, hope. I never feel afraid or concerned when it rains. Instead, I am rejuvenated and inspired. Then the music slowly fades out and I am left looking at a sky of pure perfection, dark grey clouds with a blue sky peering from behind, and glorious beams of light streaming through the pockets.

What a glorious sight, standing in the rain.


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