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All lessons will be held at a home studio. This home studio is a safe teaching/learning environment and is clean and welcoming to all. It is expected that all students respect the room, furniture and equipment and come with an open mind to learning. Parents are welcome to sit in and observe the lesson.


Students are responsible for arriving to lessons on time. If a student arrived late, their lesson time will not be extended. All students must bring to class; an exercise book, display folder and all sheet music, a USB key, and a bottle of water (please note water bottles are NOT to be near the piano or stereo system at any time). Piano students must have clean hands with trimmed fingernails.



Lauren will ensure that lesson outcomes are catered to the student’s needs and will regularly monitor their progress. Special requests will be considered and added to the student's program. Student and parents will be treated with respect and honesty. All feedback will be answered and resolved.



There are two payment options:

  • Full Term – payment due date noted on the invoice (emailed at beginning of term)

  • Weekly – payment due after every lesson.

Payment can be made via cash or direct deposit. Fees are non-refundable.



Applicable to all students

Where 24 hours’ notice is provided, an alternate time or makeup lesson will be offered.

Where 24 hours’ notice is not given, the lesson is forfeited and must be paid in full.

Makeup lessons cannot be rescheduled, and if missed, must be paid for in full.


If Lauren cannot attend the scheduled lesson for any reason, 24 hours’ notice will be given, and a makeup lesson will be provided.


Lauren is fully vaccinated.

To ensure safe hygiene and health practices, Lauren has implemented strict procedures for cleaning the studio before and after every lesson. There are no toilet facilities or water refill stations.


o    Studio attendees must be fully vaccinated
o    Face masks to be worn, when required indoors
o    Sanitise hands before entering
o    Maintain safe social distancing
o    Do not attend if you are unwell, required to test, isolate, have tested positive

or are a close contact.

Inform Lauren to organise an online lesson instead.



Progress will be achieved quicker by those students who maintain the recommended practice time. Lauren will encourage and instruct how much practice is ideal for each student. It is up to the student to do their own practicing away from the studio. Parents are encouraged to support and be involved in their child's practice. Attending musicals and concerts is a great motivation.



The information in this contract is between the student/parent and Lauren Kucera. Information will not be shared; it will be kept private.

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