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All lessons will be held at a home studio. This home studio is a safe teaching/learning environment and is clean and welcoming to all. It is expected that all students respect the room, furniture and equipment and come with an open mind to learning. Parents are welcome to sit in and observe the lesson.


Students are responsible for arriving to lessons on time. Those who arrive late will not have their lesson time extended. All students must bring to class; an exercise book, display folder and all sheet music, a USB key and a bottle of water (please note water bottles are NOT to be near the Piano at any time). Piano students must have clean hands with trimmed fingernails.



Lauren will ensure that lesson outcomes are catered to the student’s needs and will regularly monitor their progress. Special requests will be considered and added to the student's program. Student and parents will be treated with respect and honesty. All feedback will be answered and resolved.



Fees are non-refundable. An invoice will be handed to students in week 1 of the term. There are two payment options.

  1. Full fee payment must be made within one week of receiving invoice.

  2. Weekly payment must be made in every lesson.

Payment can be made via cash, direct deposit or cheques (made out to Blackbird Vocals). For direct deposit please SMS the transfer reference number to Lauren. You will be notified when payment is received. Payment is not required during a free trial lesson. Blackbird Vocals does not offer payment through credit or debit cards.   



Lessons are weekly.

Once you've booked in your lesson will occur on the same day and time. 

Lessons are offered in 30, 40 or 60 minute lengths. 


This applies to all students.

Cancelling on the day of your lesson does not qualify for a makeup.

Where 24 hours’ notice is given, the student will be offered an alternate time for that lesson.*Missed makeup lessons will not be refunded or rescheduled.

Where 24 hours’ notice is not given, the vocal lesson is forfeited and must be paid in full.

Students arriving late will not have their lesson time extended.


If Lauren cannot attend the scheduled lesson for any reason, 24 hours’ notice will be given and a makeup lesson will be provided.


If you have decided to discontinue lessons with Blackbird Vocals, two weeks’ notice is required for termination. Where notice is not given, there will be a termination fee (value of 2 lessons. E.g. If you were booked in for 30 minute lessons, the termination fee will come to $60.00).


However, if you have a special circumstance, please contact Lauren directly.



Lauren will instruct how much practice is ideal for each student and will encourage students to practice. It is up to the student to do their own practicing away from the studio. Progress will be achieved quicker by those students who maintain the recommended practice time. Parents are also encouraged to support and be involved in their child's practice. Attending musicals and concerts is a great way to motivate your child.

Studio Policy