"This world is more than what our eyes see,"

                            -  Elliot Waters, Just Like Jane

Lauren Kucera

​Lauren Kucera was born and raised in the city of Melbourne, Australia. Growing up with two older siblings, her parents insisted they should practice what makes them happy in life. It came as no surprise that they raised an archaeologist, a visual artist, and a musician.

Whilst teaching music has been the focus of Lauren's career, she has always retained writing as a creative outlet. Most notably in song lyrics, novels, poetry, and short stories. Like her protagonist in Just Like Jane, Lauren finds escapism in classic and contemporary novels, and is exploring creative writing techniques through online courses.

In the picturesque coastal town of Abbotsbury, Elliot Waters, a mid-thirty bookshop owner, wants to experience something beyond the confines of her comfort zone, but is hindered by her struggle to accept change.


A spontaneous roll down a hill initiates a chance encounter with a curious handsome man, triggering a series of events. Encouraged to venture into the unknown, Elliot must learn to stop overthinking and follow her instincts if she wants to overcome the very fears that have kept her from the world.

A contemporary novel.

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Inspired Explorations of Just like Jane

Watercolours by @artbyanniek

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